Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Head’n to Montego Bay

Breakfast With Jerry & Diane This is our first full day at Sea and we were excited to see what mischief we would get into while cooped up all day on the boat. After all, when you take a walk around the deck, what else is there to do? To start our day, we got in line forDiane Playing Bean Bag Toss the breakfast buffet. Wow, I can’t say that I have ever seen so much food available. We also could have gone to a dining room for a full service breakfast.  There certainly is no reason to be hungry while on board! We met up with Dianne & Jerry and discussed the possibilities for the day. The sea was calm and the weather was great.

Collecting For Happy Hour In Lobby Before Dinner


Kicking Back on the Lido Deck



Well, like I said in the last post, there is the activity calendar with all kinds of things to  do or watch or listen to. We watched the bean bag toss and then decided to try to play tomorrow. We did some people watching, the ‘hairy chest’ contest – I think it Large TV On Lido Deck for Movies at Night should have been called the man’s biggest belly contest – and no, I would not have Midnight Pizza on Aft Lido Aft With Diane & Jerry won that one either, these ‘lads’ were bigger than me! There were 2 pools and 4 hot tubs – and they were busy all the time. Before we knew it, we were gathering for the 5 o’clock beverage and then dinner. Where did the day go? I can’t remember any moments of boredom with nothing to do. The  evening was spent watching the shows and listening to the comedy acts, pizza at midnight and a stroll around the deck looking out at the blackness of night while eating more ice cream! Of course, our ‘towel animal’ greeted us as we came into the room.

There's an Elephant In Our RoomTuesday started off much the same only this time we went to the dining room for a more ‘civilized’ breakfast. There’s something to be said for being waited on! It was also a selfish decision – this was our last morning of leisure since we have booked our shore excursions for our 3 ports of call and know that we will be getting off the ship fairly early with no time to be lazy. After our ‘up town’ breakfast, we have a leisure day, people watching, trying our hand at bean bag toss, music trivia and of course, eating! For having a cBarb all Dressed up for Dinnerouple of days that we wondered what we would do to consume our time, they went by in a  blink. Soon, we were meeting with many of the Rainbow We're on the 5th Floor Balcony Watching the Giant Tumble Puzzle on the 3rd Floor LobbyPlantation group for our pre-dinner beverages. We checked out what each other has been doing and comparing what shore excursions we are going on.  To-nights dinner dress code is called ‘Cruise Elegant’ so everyone going into the dinning room dressed nicely. The rule is no swim wear, flip flops, tank tops etc. If Barb hadn’t insisted that I take my sport coat, I would have had to go to the buffet for my dinner – thanks babe for looking after me again!



Barb Playing Bean Bag Toss The Hairy Chests Contest








Wednesday morning brings into Montego Bay, Jamaica. We’re having breakfast again with Dianne and Jerry and he wants to go forward to an open deck and watch our entry into port. As Jerry said, he wanted to watch to make sure they did it right – he used to be with the US Coast Guard. We had the deck to ourselves. We watched the pilot boat bring the harbor pilot out to the ship as he guides the big boat into port. Jerry says even the US Navy have to turn control over to the harbor pilot when they come into a port. Who knew? Anyway, it takes some time to get us in and moored for de-embarkation.Arriving at Montego Bay, Jamaca

This is probably a good place to end this for now and I hope all is well where you are…..

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  1. picture you having buffet breakfast and two hands to carry the grub..there is so much to have ,,pictures are the words of the eyes.,,ok cant wait for more on the cruise ..ttyl and huggs