Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Where Did 2012 Go?

Blink! Did you see it go? Here we are in 2013 and what a year we had. Rather than me re-write stuff about last year like the news does, you only need to browse back through our blog to see all the neat things we have experienced. Now we are whizzing along in the new year. We hope y’all had a great celebration.

Barb came down with a bug after Christmas and was not feeling 100%. That was the determining factor to not visit with our good friends Jim & Lydia – Jim is in a fight of his own and we did not want to jeopardize his medical treatments by introducing our bug into his already diminished immune system.

New Years Eve we were invited to Barb & Spencer’s  and had a good time with other friends as we ate – there’s that activity again – drank some and played a new game to us, Pegs & Jokers. We have played it before but quite a few years ago, it’s similar to the game Sorry. Barb caught on quickly with Betty’s help and I with Jerry’s. We watched the Pelican Drop in Pensacola after seeing the festivities in Times Square, kissed our way into 2013 – good fun with friends.

Simon Sandy Dry Off Jan 1st always provides fun for the crazy here – a ‘polar bear dip’ that is not so polar. I went in last year but decided that I didn’t need another ‘Drip Stick’ certificate again. This year, the air was in the high 60’s and the water 57 so, not to difficult for a Canadian. Our other Canadian friends Simon & Sandy from Ontario went in, they are drying off as we arrived a bit late for the complete dip – just like at dinners, the seniors are always early. This also brings the  time to remove the Christmas decorations but without the rum & eggnog – where’s the fun in that, maybe we have to start a different tradition and substitute the rum & eggnog with a different ‘seasonal’ beverage.


Caning A Lot Of Chairs


The activities here have ramped up quickly right after everyone dries off from the dip, Barb back to the sewing ladies and I’m trying to decide to cane or not to cane. There  are lots of chairs to be caned for the annual auction at Mardis Gras but I just can’t decide – must an age thing.


The park is filling up quickly since the holiday season has ended and lots of the same folks from last yeaBarb Still Quilting On Fall Quiltr are making their way back to the Plantation. Even with all the goins on goin on, Barb still manages to complete some projects she had on the go from summer. Here, she displays or is that demonstrates the  usage of our new lap quilts she has completed.

Done now this is how you use it!

Of course, the ladies have their regular ‘shop hop’ for sewing supplies. I think it is Gigantic burger!! just  an excuse to get away from the men for a day! Oh, and of course, to have a lunch out – look at this burger, it’s gigantic. Barb could only eat half – that’s one difference between men and women, we would probably make our best effort to empty our plate! Not to be left out a few of us guys went over to the Naval Museum in Pensacola on the same day so we wouldn’t get into trouble around the park!Marcia talks to the stranger!

Eating again!! Did I mention that Escapees like to eat out? Of course we do, after all we are part  of the LEO (let’s eat out) group. Usually, there are so many birthdays in January that we descend on one of the favorite local spots for dinner to celebrate. Neither Barb or I have a birthday in January but what the hell – just another excuse to eat!

Well, I better sign off, we are getting ready for our 7 day cruise to the western Caribbean tomorrow. We are more than excited and kinda marking time before departure. But, like everything else fun, it will over all too soon. See y’all when we get back. Hope all is well where you are.

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  1. well there is baileys ,,good at any time ...morning noon and even late ,,so you are not stuck for drinks.. what no ice cream at these events ,,well there will be lots on the ship .ok have fun and stay alert on those islands ..ttyl and great big huggs