Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

An Escapee Kinda Christmas

It is a whirl wind of activity here before Christmas. Saturday was the annual Fish River Christmas Boast Parade! This year they had record 26 boats decorated. It was very impressive as the flotilla sailed past our viewing point. We went down early to ensure we were able to secure a perfect spot to watch. We car pooled with Pat & Carolyn and arrived at the boat launch area about 4:30PM. After a short wait, we had the opportunity to talk to one of the participants as he was getting ready to launch his decorated boat for the parade. There was a judging for best decorated and they received a gift certificate from Big Daddy’s Grill located on the Fish River. The parade was to start at dusk or 6ish – it drifted by us at about 7:30! I think 3 hours was a little too anxious! Oh well, besides being a little cool, it was a good time and the boats were beautiful! Since we came early, the four of us were a tad hungry so off to Foley for dinner. None of us had been to the Mellow Mushroom so why not go there! It was a good spot and they heard we were coming and had a special on – coffee with Bailey’s – right up our alley after a cool evening watching the parade!

Sunday we went to the ice cream social and stayed for a small concert given by a couple of escapees. It was really enjoyable and we hope to have more entertainment like this.

On Monday, Barb learned a new craft that we’ll see more of later. I worked on the outdoor electric outlets – one was cut off where the other shed used to be. I have to re-route the system so we will have electricity on our shed.

Tuesday, the quilting ladies had their annual Christmas ‘mug mat’ gift exchange and of course, snacks and beverages! Apparently, they had a great time – Dan Lopes played Santa making the day extra special for them all. So, the wind down to Christmas begins. We had a last minute shopping trip into Foley and on our way; we passed this sign advertising a local BBQ. We found it hilarious, check out the wording and spelling! While we were in Foley, Barb & I did our Christmas card exchange – we pick the card we want to give and give it while standing there and take pictures! I know, it may seem cheap to you but we don’t have to recycle the cards, we don’t have to worry about keeping them on board – the pictures go into our computers for later!

Friday night, a group of us wandered through the campground caroling – it was voted that I keep the duck tape over my lips! Anyway, a great time regardless of the singing!

Saturday night was our Christmas Eve ‘Secret Santa’ event with – yes, more caroling, then of course food! Everyone was to bring finger food to share and we had a ‘royal’ spread of tasty tidbits to savor! After we all ‘grazed’ past the tables of delectable morsels, we all formed a circle and Joan read a story. Whenever she said the words right (write) or left, we were to pass our gifts in that direction! It was a fun time!

It was a difficult decision this year on our own gift lists since we really don’t need or want anything and we always are aware of trailer weight. So this year we decided that we would exchange a gourmet meal, complete with menus and recipes of what we would like the other to buy and cook! Barb has been all secretive with her shopping and wrapping – I think I missed something here. Anyway, it’s Christmas morning and now the moment of truth has come! I open mine – it’s in a liquor box so now I know I missed something – and there is a menu, recipes complete with pictures, martini glasses, a jar of sand to suggest we are going on a picnic to the beach and candles! I really missed the boat on this gift exchange; all I gave Barb was a menu and the recipes! After we enjoyed our gift opening, we had Pat & Carolyn over for Christmas breakfast then we went to the clubhouse to decorate our table for dinner. Our Grinch Tree was the table centre piece and looked great. Most everyone else had already been and gone so I guess I shouldn’t have had that extra eggnog!

Well, Santa was felt throughout the campground as we all ascended once again upon the clubhouse to enjoy each others company and a Christmas feast with about 180 Escapee friends! Too much food and not enough will power or sense to back away! When the meal was over, Barb had to back the truck up to the doors and ‘roll’ me into the truck bed to bring me home! We had a great day; we spoke with our kids, grandkids and had a fabulous meal with friends. The late afternoon brought us being lazy and kicking back to revel in the warm glow of the day.

We’re hoping you had a nice Christmas too and all the best throughout 2012.

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  1. ifn ur worried about the extra weight in the trailer ,i guess i dont have to go further.hehe.glad to read this blog again .sounds like a gr8 time ,as always,anyways happy new year when u get to it..ttyl and big huggs for the rest of this year..