Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

A Weekend Getaway!

In our last update, I forgot to mention that while parked at Terri’s, I found some time to check out a couple of chairs we picked up in the spring but stored them until we could get at them. Well, one is in dire need to be redone completely but the other looks like some repair to the caning and then a little refinish work to the wood will make this chair look great! So with a little ‘secret sauce’ and some elbow grease, the chair is ready for anyone to be proud to have in their home. All offers will be considered!

Anyway, we are having a nice visit with my brother, Larry. Back in the summer, I found a rocking chair for sale and asked Larry to have a look at it for me and buy it if it was solid. He did and stored it for us so now I have another project when we are down at the Plantation. I’m hoping to learn a new weave for the back of the chair.

While we’re here, we set up our annual doc appointments to see if we’re ill! We tinkered and tweaked some stuff for Larry and I sanded the rocking chair. Barb worked on editing pictures for her movies and finished a DVD project. We left on Friday for our Ontario ‘winter perch’ then onto Terri’s cabin for the weekend. Terri & Mark picked up a 10’x5’ bow window to replace the old window in the front of their cabin. We offered to help install the beast so fun times lay ahead!

Saturday we were up early and Mark & I were off to the lumber store for supplies. Terri and Barb started the demolition of the old window. It was a time consuming task to get the old window out and down to the RSO (rough stud opening). We found lots and I mean lots of walnuts in the old ceiling and a huge wasp nest under the window sill. We didn’t think to measure the nest but it was about the size of 2 basket balls held together. Here are a couple of links for you. Once the glass was out, we could see what challenges presented to us. The old roof was half rotten and black with mold! Yuck! It was demolished quickly and put in the fire barrel! As we started getting to the RSO, we realized that we needed more lumber to enlarge the opening for the new window and the local lumber store closed in an hour! We quickly made a list and sent Mark on his way to shop! As we continue to remove drywall and get down to the bare frame, we realize that we need additional lumber so I am sent to intercept Mark on his return. The bad news, the road I know was closed and I got lost and ended up at the wrong location! I get back before Mark and we measure the window again and Barb suggests we just remove the plywood end frames and the window should fit!

We carried the window from the barn to the house - about 200 feet! We couldn’t have done it without the girls help. We set it down on the scaffold and see that the window is still too big for the RSO! Hey, why don’t we chisel a ½ inch out of the jack studs? Once that was done, the window went in with a little coxing! Whew, Barb & I are relieved! We feared that we said we could help and the job is relatively easy but after these ‘small’ road blocks, we were thinking that we would have to buy more materials on Sunday, thus covering the window with a tarp for Saturday night! After a very busy day, their neighbors took pity on us and had us over for dinner. We had an enjoyable evening kicking back and meeting new folks. After such a day, we all slept like logs!

Back at the rig on Monday, we went into Waterdown to do laundry and some shopping. We toured around a little to find a better way to and from the campground. Tuesday was a run back to the docs in Markham. I had an 8:30AM appointment so we had to leave the campground by 5:45AM to beat the rush hour traffic. We arrived at the hospital by 7 so we pushed our seats back and caught another 40 winks in the parking lot! I happen to crack an eye lid and saw a lady giving us the once over, I wonder what she was thinking! While I was being run through a gambit of tests, Barb met up with a girl friend from Bell! Wow, Barb worked for Bell 20 years ago, time just zips by! After a short time and dinner with Larry, we parted ways and Barb & I headed home only to get caught up in Toronto’s rush hour traffic. Whew, another busy day!

Another slice of life from a couple of roamers. We wish you all well out there…..


  1. we hope all is well with the two of you guys..again i say master ,you are above us all with your abilities..ok enough said as we will see you soon ,,ttyl and huggs..

  2. You guys have to stop posing pics of you working at the cabin. Everyone's going to assume we only have you there for your cheap labour. I mean, is alcohol, food and Advil really fair compensation?
    Seriously, without your knowledge, effort and backs much of this wouldn't get done.